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December 18, 2020
“Gems of Exquisite Beauty: Classical Music and American Hymns”
Josh Messner, Managing Director of the Elm Ensemble, interviews ACH creator Peter Mercer-Taylor for this blog post on the ensemble’s website (the Elm Ensemble’s contributions to the ACH Choral Showcase have been outstanding and numerous).

December 11, 2020
“Nineteenth-century US hymnody’s fascination with classical music”
ACH creator Peter Mercer-Taylor’s contribution to Oxford University Press’s OUPblog, focusing on an unlikely Mozart aria’s transformation into the Christmas hymn that appears in the ACH Anthology as AURORA.

November 28, 2020
A video of Members of the Choir of St. Martin’s Ev. Lutheran Church recording Mozart’s AURORA for the ACH Choral Showcase is released on Classical MPR’s “Choral Stream.”

October 21, 2020
A video of the Mosaic United Methodist Church Choir recording Weber’s LOVE DIVINE for the ACH Choral Showcase is released on Classical MPR’s “Choral Stream,” reaching the Stream’s “Most Popular” video slot on October 25. It receives over 10,000 views in its first week.

October 20, 2020
“American Classical Hymns project seeks choirs to revive ‘lost’ pre-1864 music”
Online feature story on Classical MPR

February 11, 2020
“Early-American hymns live again thanks to University of Minnesota professor”
Online feature story on Classical Minnesota Public Radio